180 N Main St.
Iola, WI 54945

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Invoice Date January 18, 2024
Due Date January 31, 2024
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Lotus Healing Arts

2610 Post Road
Plover, WI 54467

1/4/2024 onsite visit
1/17/2024-1/18/2024 website changes
February 2024 Hosting

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3 Website Changes

1.) Added the new “service” detail page above for Shockwave Therapy
- that page includes a download for the .PDF EPAT brochure as well

2.) Added a service snippet on the home page that links to the detail page above.
(Both the image and the header text link to detail page)

3.) edited the ’Services’ page to include Shockwave Treatment:

- Also on this page, I fixed some usability and design issues:
- fit header text within the bounding box
- display the ‘hover’ color
- adjust CSS for mobile devices

4.) Edited the ’Services’ listing on the sidebar to include Shockwave Therapy (listed at bottom).

1 Travel 1/4/2024

Gas, Auto Wear, Time

.75 Labor 1/4/2024

Talk over Radio Pulse (Shockwave) Therapy changes

1 Hosting Feb 2024

Website Hosting fee for Feb 2024

1 domain (1yr) renewal domain renewal

Sub Total $423.75
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