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Invoice Date September 7, 2022
Due Date September 21, 2022
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Lotus Healing Arts

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Plover, WI 54467

Printer was not printing in medisoft, future appointments.
Troubleshooting took a bit of time
The fix was to install driver components that added a standard TCIP port for communication (they were missing on the main machine, but were installed on the other workstation), and then configure the printer queue to use that port.

- Checked that Backup's are working; All 3 are working nightly.
- Checked the firewall, unblocked a few items related to the router, the printer, and a couple other things
- upgraded the Kyocera printer driver to the newest driver for good measure.

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2 Labor

See work in main description.

1 Travel

Travel time, Gas, Vehicle

1 buy / install SSL certificate

1-yr SSL renewal for (expires in 14 days)

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