HD installs Wordpress

It is yours to operate

(HD is here to help)

Use your own domain

(Or have HD buy it*)

Up to 5 Email Addresses

($2 /mo ea Addition Email*)

SSL Ready*

cPanel Access

Ready Time: Same Day

*Extra Costs



/GB /mo

10 GB min.

cPanel Access


(HD is here to help)


*Extra Costs




Most Popular

Most Productive

Pick an HD Theme

HD will set it up!

You Customize it

(HD is here to help)

Use your own domain

(Or have HD buy it*)

Up to 5 email Addresses

*$2 /mo ea Additional Emails

*$5 /mo for Automatic Backups

*Weekly Snapshots included

1 hr /mo, free support

SSL Ready*

Ave. time to live: up to 2 Days

*Extra Costs

Virtual Machine – Managed


/GB /mo

+ $40/mo

100 GB’s Min.

2 hours of Support /mo

Server Snapshots

Contemporary Infrastructure

(HD is here to help)

(see: Virtual Machines)


$65 /hr

$40 /hr – Hosting Client

Adobe Products

20+ Years Experience

Graphic Design Degree





UX Frameworks


Linux Administration

Magento & WooCommerce

Forums Installation

About Pricing

There are a lot of types of services out there for people looking to create things online. Google and Amazon provide cheap, cloud based services, but they don’t offer much in support. If you’re hacked, you’re hacked. If you’re stumped, you’re stumped. Others (Rackspace, WIX, etc), have their own service offerings that offer different approaches.

Donovan, founder of Hosting Dragon, has been in this business (both offering services, and purchasing services) for a long time and what we decided to concentrate on is building a service that performs. 

At Hosting Dragon, you will find an affordable, productive, and stable service. Have a problem? HD is here to help. We won’t nickel and dime you with every little need. Instead, we will likely just fix your problem. If there is something significant to do, we will try to let you know ahead of time of potential costs. In general though, we strive to create a worry free, affordable service that let’s our clients concentrate on what matters.

At HD, we use terms like “HD is here to help”, and “SSL Ready”, etc. See Below to see what this might mean for you.

"HD is here to help"

Can’t figure something out? Perhaps a CSS tweak in wordpress, or configuration change, etc? HD has you covered… usually for free. 

It also means that we have a solution for any custom needs you might have.

"SSL Ready"

HD will work with you to get your site fully SSL compliant. That could mean things like “forcing HTTPS”, or helping with finding non-HTTPS links on your website, (a requirement by many browsers when using HTTPS). It also means helping to choose the right SSL certificate for your site and getting it installed.

Custom Services

Do you need a programmer or graphic designer?

HD offers a discounted rate to all customers who host with HD.

HD has 25+ years of experience in Web Design and Programming.

We use tools such as Adobe and IDE’s and would be happy to give you a quote.

Quality Assurance

Hosting Dragon has all bases covered.

State Of The Art Web Hosting that includes uptime redundancy, and personable support, when you need it.

Design and Programming support, when you need it.

Competitive Pricing.

Backups, Backups, Backups.

Relax, you have an Online Partner